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Baby Tux

Sunday, 8th February, 2009

Welcome to our new Cycling page, here we hope to put up maps and photos of our other passion (the first being the MX5).

See us as "Ice Bikers."

Finally managed to drag the bike kicking and screaming to the top of a large hill rather than round it, see Climbing Millstone on the right.

The Recumbent was submitted to blog, see the link for details.

Below is the Trek pledge you miles compitition entry: pledge and win and then register to win a TREK 7.2 FX

Both Sarah's Felt and Iain's GT were bought from Cycle Highlands in Ballater.  Iain's bike was bought via the government sponsored CycleScheme where an employee can get up to 50% off a new bike.

Firstly here's Sarah on her bike "Monty" near to Harlaw House near Inverurie.

And here is Iain on his GT Avalanche 1.0 up Millstone near Bennachie.

Recumbent arrived with no instructions whatsoever!  Well it took a while but its together. Pic below of it complete, outside the garage with panniers on it.  Haven't managed to get on and try it out as I'm not feeling too great at the moment.  See the Links on the right to see it in various stages of build from a closed box to the one you see below.

To order one go to:

The Stick USS

Here is a map using the fantastic website for a circuit just outside Aboyne.  This one is a local circuit in our town of Inverurie.

This site allows you to enter routes using Googlemaps, you can then see the elevation of each part of the route, when you enter in how you have made your way round the route, cycel, walk etc it will work out how much calories you have expended.  This can then be added into a training calendar from which you can graph how much exercise you have done over a certain period.