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Sunday, 19th July, 2009

Second update of 2009 many additions as we have taken many photos and sorted out a lot of things.  Main one is both of us have stopped using Bebo as it is infested with Spam friends trying to link to our profiles.  We have become part of the growing Facebook comunity, on which Sarah connected with and then organised a very successful school reunion for Aboyne Academy.  With a small gesture from everyone we had a great night at the Huntly Arms in Aboyne and had extra money that was donated by Sarah and Audra Booth to the Unit in the Academy (See pictures of the reunion and the donation at the school on the right)

Had our first holiday of the year a break to Glen Etive on the west coast unfortunately the midges have gotten bigger a more vicious since our last visit!

Just added help page for MX5 Polybush changeout under the "MX5 Help Pages."  Will be adding to this shortly as the MX is getting 2 new front wings and a new rear quarter then a complete re-spray.

We will be adding mostly copies of our photos and other news we've got for our family and others.

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